Saturday, June 21, 2008

Time for Art~

Saturday I took some time and cleaned the studio. It was getting pretty bad. I set up a new table to paint on so I don't have to clean up every time I get a fiber fit.

Here it is....
I played with my oil pastels for an hour or so, just dabbled around. Still aimless but I know that just doing gets the mojo going.

Today we went to the Lake Oswego Art Festival, which was really nice. We strolled around and took in the sites and I had a nice chat with Judy Wise.

Lake Oswego has many, many sculptures downtown. Here are two Eve shot pictures of...

These are shots Eve took from the car on the ride home.
Proof that we really DO live in Portland!
That is my hand, which I was waving around in excited chatter. An accidental photo that I LOVE!

After the show we hit the grocery store and came home. We had a low-key evening... I cooked dinner and Paul played chess with the girls.


Here are two of the pastels I worked on yesterday. See anything familiar?

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i love the photos of the sculptures! especially the horse and the way it was set in the flora!

uuuuh, well, i gotta say, i think i see yarn in those pictures!