Sunday, April 29, 2012

Barn Update~

During our gratitude walk this morning,
I took some shots of the new workshop we built on the back of the barn~

This shot came out really blue, my camera's white settings were on fluorescent.
I think it looks dreamy so I kept it.

 Same shot in natural light~

The roof is on, there is still work to be done on the interior walls.
The ends need completed too, but not bad for 10 days!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Photos~


An attempted nap. Laid there and played with my phone and instagram.
Never actually slept. Brain would not stop.

My patio chair cushions were looking grimy. bleck.
New cushions average $30 each! and I need 6. ouch.
So I researched fabric spray paint.

I chose Simply Spray brand from Amazon.
Averaged $10 per can (with shipping and tax)... 
not cheap but less than replacing and easier than sewing covers... 
It took about one full can per pillow, as some seemed to absorb into the fabric.

Be sure to choose a color that compliments the original color as some does blend through, it's better to work with it rather than against it.
I chose a dark grey to go over the tan. The colors of DIRT.
Boring, but practical. I will add color with throw pillows.
I still might stamp something on them, maybe... but it will be subtle.

 Paul found a spot on the pigs that, when rubbed, causes them to plunk over on their sides.
He finds this extremely amusing.

 Here is the progression of our workshop we are building off the back of the barn. 
As of Wed. the 26th.
Roof is ready for metal. 
Walls are sooner easy for windows and metal siding... 
If you look close you can see Paul, grinning.

Eve is taking 'before' photos of the garden plot that is to become 
She is setting up their blog (blog link) and volunteering to prepare and mentor.

Yesterday I did some creativity exercises with myself.
Made some Rex Ray and Matisse inspired paper collages. 

The girls had to climb the barn walls and sit in the rafters.
Had. To.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Thurs. with Time to Make~

   It's a rare day here on the farm, where I am in my favorite pink jammie pants and have time to play in the studio! Of course I am not in the studio, I am on the computer as usual... a quick post and then I am off to make a MESS of some sort...

   I just spent some time futzing around on facebook and realized that I am posting more on my wall on facebook than here in my blog. Not sure I like that, I mean, I consider this blog my journal, a documentation of my life happenings... whether relevant to the world or not, the things I post are relevant to me, and I enjoy browsing through the previous years to see where I was mentally, creatively and physically. I do not want that documenting place to be FB.

So... the plan is to post HERE and have it feed to FB. If I can get Network Blogs to WORK, that is.

Anyway... here are some things I have been sniffing around in the studio. 
Always have Lotsa Plans.

Here they are...

Project 17 with Craft Hope is APRONS FOR HAITI~ 
I love the idea of sending some pretties to women who experience very little prettiness in their lives...
This is cute, but not one I made, this photo is from their FB page.

LOVE this apron style... love how it looks like a wrap-around skirt.
I think it needs pockets. Some serious pockets. 
And it needs to be a bit wider around, for some of us are curvier and have wider parts than others.  ;)
Today I plan to dig through the fabric stash and make some to send to Craft Hope.

They put an iPod on a practically unresponsive man in a nursing home. It's like he wakes UP.
So fascinating. A MUST see...
I love old men. I was Grandpa's girl and will always have a soft spot for cranky, crazy old men.

K. FOCUS TIME. I am off to the studio!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

SUN! bbs

I am so behind with my blog posts... and will catch up soon, I promise.
But for now?
The SUN IS OUT (read that as shouting)... and it is to be 80 degrees today. and tomorrow.

I will be outside making a mess of some sort. 
With dirt. or paint. Or dirt AND paint.

I leave you with some of my recent instagram photos (one of my new favorite things)~
My instagram user name is reeniehanlin. Come follow me.

Be back soon.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ann's 2012 Sweater~ Wicked Mod

Finally!  A post about this winter's sweater for Ann~
Made from the wonderful Wicked sweater pattern (Ravelry Link) by Rachel Bishop

Knit from Stockbridge by Valley Yarns, 50% Alpaca/ 50% Wool ~ in Dark Grey.

I modified the pattern three ways... 
first by eliminating the kangaroo packet and adding aLOT more length to the body.

The bottom edge has a cabled pattern mirroring the neckline. 

The sleeves have a simple k2p2 rib, I plan to frog them back and add long sleeves next fall (maybe).

Note the extra ease? 
I wanted to make it BIG ENOUGH to fit her into adult hood... 
my 12 yo beauty is already almost 5'8. 

Here are a few more photos...

Here is she is a mere three years ago in her first Wicked sweater (ravelry link).

Sheesh. It's amazing what three year's growing can do. My baby! (sniff)