Monday, June 6, 2011

Today I was an Aviatrix!... Taking Flight 2011~

Paul got me the perfect gift for my birthday! An hour of intro flying lessons. Not the Kelly Rae Roberts kind of Flying Lessons (although hers are fantabulous too & I highly recommend them...)
... the in the air kind. In a plane.

A month late since the girls were in a production of Robin Hood and we were immersed in all that entails for a month or so... 
So today we went. Just the girls and I since the plane seats 4 and we need that instructor.

James was a great instructor and cute too! Made me feel very safe and let me drive a LOT. 
And take off once (kinda) and land once (kinda again).
There was this incredible feeling of freedom and floating and peace. I felt so much safer up there than driving to the airport.  I have wanted to do this since I was a little kid. Yay for being older and having COURAGE. oh.. and the cash to afford it. haha. Can't forget that. 

I am totally going again.... not yet sure I will follow all the way through to get my license or not. Need to process that one a bit as it's a big time commitment and I have two people to get through college.

We couldn't fly up to our farm (and hour and a half car drive northeast) since the cloud cover was too think near our mountain range... but will try next time. I also want to fly over the volcano... (maybe push James out of HIS box a bit (evil grin)).