Friday, March 16, 2012

Studio Spring Cleaning~

It's t.i.m.e. Time for spring!
Which means spring cleaning.
The studio needed some serious attention, the dust was embarrassing 
and the space needed logically reconfigured.
My space is sort of split into two, since the room used to be a porch (waaaay before we lived here), the front door is in the middle and the room is long and narrow.

The left side used to be for art journaling and crafting and the right for painting and sewing.
I was always moving the sewing machine to paint, or the paints to sew, and when I wanted to paint in my journals, I had to drag one or the other from side to side. duh me.

After several days of knitting and contemplating 
(I get a LOT of thinking done while I knit), I figured it out.
Here are before and after pics of the left side...

(Click on any pic to see larger images)
Before it was for art journaling and crafting.

I always have to include a shot of my helpers.

Now it is just for sewing, spinning and yarn storage. 
The sewing machines do not need to get moved back and forth 
and projects can stay in progress and not be disturbed.

Sewing machine and serger each have a 'place' and do not need to be moved back and forth.

My threads are all on their happy hanger, under my Allen Designs Cat clock! 

 The center wall is directly across from the front door and 
has a doorway on either side that lead into the living room.
Here is the before shot of my ikea cubes, packed full of books, fabrics and paints.

I stole the book shelves from the kitchen (where they were only collecting jars and dust) 
and put them on the center wall.  Extra storage space! yay!

The cubes got moved to the end wall in the painting area (scroll down to see pics of that)
The new shelves now hold only paints and painting supplies... all together in one spot!

Here is a before shot of the painting end...which held the paints & supplies 
and all of the sewing stuff.... a hot mess!

Here are more fun shots of the madness...

We removed the long shelf from the end wall and 
put the white ikea cubes from the center wall in it's place. 
Here it is before adding all of the art journaling supplies...

Here they are all filled up with my magical supplies!

Eve is already spread out on the floor, "arting" up a storm.
Painting table...

View out the window of the painting table.... see the bee hives?
Now the painting and journaling can stay out, works in progress do not need to be moved much.
Time to create and make this room a mess again!

Monday, March 5, 2012

We're all Mad Here.

It's hitting that time of year when it reallllyyy needs to get sunny and warm. 
Or rather "I" need it to do so.
The crazies are starting to set in. 
Plus the girls have been participating in a musical, Ann is backstage crew chief and Eve is on the light board (cue blackout). 
Lotsa Lotsa Lotsa driving to rehearsals and shows and all the madness that entails.
Mamma is a homebody... not a drive-all-over-God's-creation person.

With that said, I leave you with some of my recent self portraits. 
Inspired by the fact that I rarely look in the mirror anymore, NOR do I like my photo taken. 
Therapy of sorts... and so YOU can see what Reenie really looks like. 
In my house-clothes (aka painted up sweats and jammies)~  >:), in front of my glorious bins of artsy stash.



bird brained

sinus headache