Monday, March 5, 2012

We're all Mad Here.

It's hitting that time of year when it reallllyyy needs to get sunny and warm. 
Or rather "I" need it to do so.
The crazies are starting to set in. 
Plus the girls have been participating in a musical, Ann is backstage crew chief and Eve is on the light board (cue blackout). 
Lotsa Lotsa Lotsa driving to rehearsals and shows and all the madness that entails.
Mamma is a homebody... not a drive-all-over-God's-creation person.

With that said, I leave you with some of my recent self portraits. 
Inspired by the fact that I rarely look in the mirror anymore, NOR do I like my photo taken. 
Therapy of sorts... and so YOU can see what Reenie really looks like. 
In my house-clothes (aka painted up sweats and jammies)~  >:), in front of my glorious bins of artsy stash.



bird brained

sinus headache



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