Sunday, April 25, 2010

and I Dance Dance Dance

Sorry.. I just had to post it.

I know this has been out and about for years, but it makes me so very happy I had to share.
and I meow meow meow and I meow meow meow.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where do I fall in this diagram?

Oh my.... I believe somewhere in the middle of all three ... depending on the obsession of that day, my intelligence levels (which vary greatly) and the social ineptitude? haha.
overall? NERD.
Where do YOU fall?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Creative Process~

It's random that I blog about my creative process... mainly because it is a part of me that is constantly working and I suppose I take it for granted.
I have been trying lately to focus on what makes my brains tick. You know, to try to break it down a bit, to soothe the beast.
So for my latest round of handspuns I have taken the time to focus on what has inspired me and be more specific about communicating that here.

A dear friend and mentor gifted me with a set of delicious Tracy Porter vases.
I have found them very entertaining and inspiring. They move about my home and studio based on color and theme and my moods.
I recently chose four of them because their color schemes were haunting me. SO... I chose some fiber and carded some batts based on each vase's color combos.
Here is the story of three of them. (number 4 is still in progress)...
Yarn #1... Coral Plumes... (my name for it)
LOVE the colors of this vase, salmon, coral, olive green, black and beige.
So... this yarn is all about the colors. Love how they bounce off one another.
Yarn #2... Bohemiam Floral
A fun, hippy dippy color scheme that never would have occurred to me on it's own.
I mean... primary colors with pink? LOVE. love love love.
I dug through my stash and found some really flowery glass beads, some wooden pink rose beads from a vintage necklace and a yellow gold heart and some leaves...
I created some coiley clusters to round it all off.
Yarn #3... Papillon
At first this yarn was about the colors. I did not want to put a butterfly in the yarn because that just seemed a bit too contrived. Then I found these glass chrysalis-like beads in my stash. Perfect! The cream silk finishes it all off with a diva-luxury.
Yarns are available to purchase (while they last) in my Handspun Shop!
and no... the vases are not for sale (smile).

Friday, April 2, 2010

Be careful what you wish for...

'cuz you just might get it.

Hello from Woodbury-Downs...
the protector elf given to us by our friends...
he looks like he is snoozing but if you get too close-- watch out!

You know? I have everything I wanted out of life.... and am very happy where I am.... facing 40 in a month. Love my girls, LOVE my husband, have amazing friends and family.
Life is good.

Ezmaralda the beautiful one in her usual perch on my studio table.
New project I am obsessing on....
prototype #1... plant hanger made from chunky black yarn.

Prototype #2.. made from my handspun with cats applied in place of beads.
Prototype #3 still on studio table... pics to come when finished.

Yesterday I spent several hours at Michelle's studio, creating and chatting away.
I met two new artsy friends, Janne, who is visiting from Norway, and Teri, who lives locally.
We had a blast...
my camera battery was dead so I did not get any shots.