Friday, April 2, 2010

Be careful what you wish for...

'cuz you just might get it.

Hello from Woodbury-Downs...
the protector elf given to us by our friends...
he looks like he is snoozing but if you get too close-- watch out!

You know? I have everything I wanted out of life.... and am very happy where I am.... facing 40 in a month. Love my girls, LOVE my husband, have amazing friends and family.
Life is good.

Ezmaralda the beautiful one in her usual perch on my studio table.
New project I am obsessing on....
prototype #1... plant hanger made from chunky black yarn.

Prototype #2.. made from my handspun with cats applied in place of beads.
Prototype #3 still on studio table... pics to come when finished.

Yesterday I spent several hours at Michelle's studio, creating and chatting away.
I met two new artsy friends, Janne, who is visiting from Norway, and Teri, who lives locally.
We had a blast...
my camera battery was dead so I did not get any shots.

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spindelmaker said...

Hi Reenie! It was so nice meeting you! Your yarn is just super-yummy! And thank you so much for helping me out with those skulls! I´m half-way into the project and am eagerly awaiting the home-coming of the stool :-)