Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Now where did THAT come from?

Have you ever created something you just did not see coming?
I mean-- it CAME from me, but I was lost in thought, painting away and WOW.

Loving this right now. Painting from intuition, not from the thinking brain.
Very spiritual and soothing. No music. No chatter. Just lost in my thoughts with my hands working on auto pilot.
I keep feeling like I need to find some meaning or hidden explanation for what I am creating. How else is the viewer going to understand where I am right now mentally? But it doesn't really matter. I am where I am. No one wants to be in my head and if they Do then I guess I don't want them there. So there.

The past few days my inner grouchy old man has been taking over. Things make me really angry fast. Not my usual personality. I mean, I can gripe and complain and get cranky, but rarely do I get fuming-red-hot-pissed off. Watch OUT. haha.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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Teri Leigh said...

Hey, I made it over to your blog and wanted to say it was good to meet you and create with you at Michelle's. I really appreciate the tape links too! Maybe we will get to create together again sometime.
PS - I really like your painting :)