Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mock Workshop at Michelle's~

Last night was a rare treat....
a chance to create in a medium I have not worked with for years... and I wanted to blog about it before life wisks me in 10 other direc

Michelle hosted a mini-mock workshop in preparation for her ArtFest class that she is teaching in a few weeks.
Here are some shots of the fun times...

Michelle posing with her sample... in her hideously tiny and uninteresting studio
(note heavy sarcasm).
My yarny stamp I carved...
I haven't carved in years. LOVE it.
Printmaking used to be one of my passions...
Almost done... I need to touch up the purple circles and put a hanger on the back.
Close-up with stamp lying on top.
The ladies in the class with me were so sweet... Here are there links.
Both have fun blogs... go VISIT. :)
Karla Dornacher is Michelle's Ma.
Lani Kent is Michelle's Art Journaling friend.

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Jackie Wood said...

Love how this turned out, especially the needles that light up. Have you tested the glow-in-the-dark feature yet??