Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Now where did THAT come from?

Have you ever created something you just did not see coming?
I mean-- it CAME from me, but I was lost in thought, painting away and WOW.

Loving this right now. Painting from intuition, not from the thinking brain.
Very spiritual and soothing. No music. No chatter. Just lost in my thoughts with my hands working on auto pilot.
I keep feeling like I need to find some meaning or hidden explanation for what I am creating. How else is the viewer going to understand where I am right now mentally? But it doesn't really matter. I am where I am. No one wants to be in my head and if they Do then I guess I don't want them there. So there.

The past few days my inner grouchy old man has been taking over. Things make me really angry fast. Not my usual personality. I mean, I can gripe and complain and get cranky, but rarely do I get fuming-red-hot-pissed off. Watch OUT. haha.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finding a new normal...

Things have been so surreal since our attempted trip to PA.
First the whopping 2 days we got to spend there, being back in PA was alone surreal.
Seems like we never left but at the same time like it's been forever since we were there.
Then having to come home so fast, feeling unsafe and violated. I miss our routine and my creative time. and our routine. (did I say that twice? snort).

Here are some fun shots from our brief visit...

Me and my Angela!
Reenie through the window glass....
Chip and Me... my bro.
This week I am alone during the day for four days.... I miss the girls (who are at drama camp) but it is nice to have some alone time. weird, but nice.
Today I took some time to paint.

This painting is turning a direction I did not see coming...
but I am loving it so far.

Taking time each day to creative, even if it is only for a few minutes...
What did you create today?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Stella the Puppy~

I am fer-sure a crazy cat lady.
Love dogs but will always be about the kitties.
That said, I am so enjoying our new puppy.
Not sure where this fits into the whole cat lady thing, but LOVE this dog.


The past two days her ears started to stand up. First one then the other. Which looks funny since her head has not grown to fit them yet, so they cross over. (her right ear is blue from the tattoo she received before we got her).
Here she is with the big bad Wheat Thin Box.

I promise to not fill my blog with too much gag- sickening puppy stuff.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I peeped the Enterprise guy.

While renting a the Honda can get re-keyed.
Leaving peeps all over Vancouver.
This is Peep #1.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well we had to come home from our trip early.
We had a break-in. Robbed. Burgled.
They took things that were more sentimental than valuable, oh yeh, and our CAR.
But most of all they took our sense of security and safety, but not forever.
Over all it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
My biggest concern was for my CATS. But they are fine.
Ezmaralda gave me a lecture when I got home. She was not happy about us leaving OR the break-in! Rufus was his usual doofus self.
Xena was in the doggie-spa (aka kennel).

Next trip we will hire a house sitter. Like Rambo or She-Ra or someone scary.

For now we are regrouping and hugging and making ourselves feel safe again.

Lessons learned?
We realize our connection to our material things is at a place we feel is very healthy.
and... we learned how strong we are.
Our nest is sacred to us, and no one can steal that.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's a process...

Figured out how to get the pictures right side up...!
Now I can blog from the road without having my laptop along the entire time.
Stay tuned for many crappy photos from my phone, along with blurbs of my trip.
We are calling this trip "30 people in 10 days"!
Seriously, we have so many people to see, and there are so many more we will not make it to see... that is what happens when you live in the same place for 37 years. And your family has lived there for over 6 generations... this thing on?

Learning how to blog from my BlackBerry.
Here is a shot of the resurrected sock and morning coffee.
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Out of Town~

I JUST updated the site with over TWENTY (that's right... 20!) new handspun yarns!
Yarns by Reenie (me) and Shannon of The Spun Monkey!
TWO new pin designs...
Have you subscribed to our NEW shop feed yet?
Be one of the first to know when new product is added to the shop!
All you have to do is click this link (below)... and add to your favorite feeder.

I will be out of town from Monday March 15th - March 26th.
There will be no shipping until I return.
Shipping will resume around Sat. March 27th.
Feel free to email if you have any questions.

Look for posts from the road!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Holy Neon Yarny Art~!

Alright. I admit it.
I am a bit loud.
I don't just sound loud, I like LOUD COLORS.
Well, I like all colors really, but my go-to, default, first-choice colors are always loud.

I finished the yarny painting I started last night at Michelle's (see previous post).

Here is what it looked like this morning...
In progress....
and here it is NOW, all finished and LOUD.
I glued knitting needles to the top and bottom to frame the image.
I changed the floating circles into yarn balls (duh) and the green balls will glow-in-the-dark.
And the magical part?
The needles LIGHT UP!
Go big or go home I say.

Mock Workshop at Michelle's~

Last night was a rare treat....
a chance to create in a medium I have not worked with for years... and I wanted to blog about it before life wisks me in 10 other direc

Michelle hosted a mini-mock workshop in preparation for her ArtFest class that she is teaching in a few weeks.
Here are some shots of the fun times...

Michelle posing with her sample... in her hideously tiny and uninteresting studio
(note heavy sarcasm).
My yarny stamp I carved...
I haven't carved in years. LOVE it.
Printmaking used to be one of my passions...
Almost done... I need to touch up the purple circles and put a hanger on the back.
Close-up with stamp lying on top.
The ladies in the class with me were so sweet... Here are there links.
Both have fun blogs... go VISIT. :)
Karla Dornacher is Michelle's Ma.
Lani Kent is Michelle's Art Journaling friend.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Oh MY... has it really been almost THREE weeks since I posted?
I believe it stems from my pact with myself to try and stay off the computer more. I lurv my computer and the internet and blogs and images and and and.... and am a total geek/nerd with anything computer related. So in a way it is one of my mediums, and in a way it is a huge tune-out for me. Which means I am not being as productive as I should be.

So... enough rambling. What have we been up to?
A lot of just living life...

I had my Hagatha mole removed... before she sprouted hairs... (cackle)
buh-bye Hagatha!
and creating...
This is a shot of the beginning of a line of yarns inspired by the colors of these pretty vases...
They are actually carded and almost done, but on the shelf for now.
Watch for them in a few weeks...
I will finish them when I return from my trip.
Current progress of my painting...
We took a weekend trip to the ocean. Jackie rented a house for her birthday, for a weekend of girl time, so Paul and the girls had some time alone for a few days and a chance to explore the beach and tide pools.
Jackie's gnome...
The requisite heart rock shot.
Itty Bitty pinecones...
Shots of Paul and the girls....
A fort they built on the beach from driftwood...
Exploring the critters...
Gearing up for a trip to PA to visit family.
Things will be on hold for a bit until I return.
Stay tuned for some serious yarn trouble when I get back!