Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just BE~

Will be sporadically on and offline for the next three-ish weeks. Taking some time off for family obligations and relaxation. Need to just be for a while.
I will be watching YOU though. :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Color Inspiration~

I have skeins of Malabrigo hanging by my studio window.
Right outside the window is my planter, with geraniums, salvia and nasturtium in the exact same delicious colors.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I feel crazed lately. More crazed than my "normal" crazed.
We are in the midst of negotiations on a farm. Our dream farm.
Meanwhile I am trying to keep my brains occupied. I cannot pack yet. Waiting makes me crazy.
Not puke-purging, FIBER purging.
It's sick how much fiber I have. Do not call 'Hoarders' on me. I used to wholesale my yarns to many many shops. But now there is no longer any reason to have THIS MUCH fiber on hand.
And the thought of moving it? sigh. tiresome.
So .... I have been listing what I do not wish to keep in the shop.
You really need to go and see it. I have organized it into categories, with very little pictures. Pictures take a lot of time to take and modify, and upload, etc. So to keep me sane, keep time manageable and prices fair, I took the bare minimum photos.

Also.. I recently listed over 20 new handspuns!
Beauties from Elizabeth of Yarn Punk and Therese of Jump Sheep!
There are now THREE pages of Art Yarns!

Go ahead and roll around in it. It will make you so very happy.
I am off to find my knitting and a cold beverage.
Have a SPECTACULAR weekend.