Friday, January 29, 2010

Clean clean purge purge purge

I am so tired.
Been listing things in my new Stash Purge page like CRAZY!
I have so much stuff. And a lot of it I moved from PA with me, over TWO years ago.
We have been looking at houses, to buy, and the thought of moving this stuff again>?

So... it's TIME to move things to new homes.
Please keep an eye on my Purge Page.
Undyed yarns (that I intended to dye...someday... time to let them go)
Fibers (I have WAY too much fiber)
Yarn (discounted hand dyed skeins!)

Books & Doodads & Accessories
Handmade Stuff!

Embellishments (FOOZLES!)
tacky tacky tacky stuff... heehee
I am having a blast... and things are going fast!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wrist Wruffles for Haiti~

Wrist Wruffles Haiti Fundraiser Pattern PDF
Designed by Angela Place!

This pattern is available for purchase for JUST $2.50!
Now through February 28, 2010 ALL of the proceeds will go to
The Red Cross Haitian Relief Fund.

Click here to go purchase .. and YES, you can buy more than one!

~ Fingering / 4 ply (14 wpi) 120-200 yards
~ US Sz. 2 double point needles
Available sizes: S[M, L]; Stretches to fit: 6-7[7-8, 8-9] inch wrist
Gauge: 28 stitches and 36 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch (gauge is not critical)

The perfect fun and flirty transition piece as we go from winter to spring and a great way to use up extra sock yarn or leftovers from a fingering weight project.
The wruffles look good in a solid, variegated or self-striping yarn and do a
great job of keeping the spring breezes from chasing up your sleeves, especially when knit in a scrumptious fiber like alpaca.

Read more about the Haiti donation in
Angela's Blog...
The Happy Needle Notebook

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Back into the studio... !
After three weeks of holiday festivities and family visits.
I did not knit all that much, but I DID work on my journal from the online class I have been taking,
"Remains of the Day" taught by the spectacular Maryann Moss.
I spent days and days making it and playing with it... to the point of
obsessive. (go figure)
Here are a few shots of the pages.
You can see more of them in my Art Journal flickr album.
There are layers and layers of meaning (to me) in just the pages and the images I collaged/sewn.
Now I am adding my 2010~ 365 images as I go and will (write)
journal along with that.
Signature #1 tied into the cover~
A base page about my great gram~
A base page with my CT scan (my heart)~
Base page~
First 365 images entered~
I have a rudimentary basic daily-ish schedule all formed in my
I think it's time to write it out a bit to keep things manageable.
Easier said than done.
I am usually just happy if we are all alive and fed and the house has
some semblance of order and I am finding time to create.

Been taking a bit of time each day to paint.
No pre-thinking, just some put some music on and paint for some time.
Intuitional-ficated painting. Feels really really good.
Today's progress:
Working on a new business plan for MW, just need to process a pile of things before announcing anything.
For now?
That is it. Getting back in to the swing of things...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby Pip Hat REVISION~


The LONG awaited and highly anticipated
Baby Pip Hat Pattern Revision!

Working on some more prototypes and variations... will add pictures here as they are completed.

Baby Pip Hat
by Reenie Hanlin
Gauge is 5 st/in in K1P1 pattern~

With a worsted weight yarn...
~ Size 8 dpn (or whatever size you need to obtain gauge)
~ Cast on 40 (preemie) (56 (newborn) or 60 (infant)) stitches and divide evenly between needles.
~ Connect and begin working in the round in K1P1 until hat measures 4 (4.5, 5) inches from cast on edge.
~ Divide stitches evenly on to two needles and bind off using three needle bind off.
~ Flip hat inside out so the bind off sea is on the inside.

Three needle bind off~
Knit 1st stitch from both front and back needle together
repeat and pass 1st st over 2nd st and drop off.
Repeat this pattern until seam is completed.
End and weave in ends.

Embellish the corners of the hat with pom-poms, tassels or ears.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Out of Commission~ Still on holiday

My inlaws went home last week and my mom is here (all from PA) until the end of this week.
That makes three weeks of visits and holiday festivities.
I have been taking an extended holiday to enjoy their visits and to just be.

Next week I will be back in action with pics of our shenanigans and projects we have been working on.
I have big plans for the yarn shop and orders to fill and a really messy house to clean.

Until then, keep it real! (nerdy, I know)

Here is a pic of Mom and the girls rockin' the 3D glasses at Avatar. Which I did not want to go see because it was so hyped up and the 'thing' to do... BUT... so very worth it.
Good movie.
Go see it.
reenie out.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Journey~ Michele made many!

I am honored that my Journey Hat has been so well received on Ravelry. (as of today, 117 and counting!)
Michele made 12 of them! She is michelou on Rav....
Now that is quite the Journey!