Monday, January 11, 2010

Out of Commission~ Still on holiday

My inlaws went home last week and my mom is here (all from PA) until the end of this week.
That makes three weeks of visits and holiday festivities.
I have been taking an extended holiday to enjoy their visits and to just be.

Next week I will be back in action with pics of our shenanigans and projects we have been working on.
I have big plans for the yarn shop and orders to fill and a really messy house to clean.

Until then, keep it real! (nerdy, I know)

Here is a pic of Mom and the girls rockin' the 3D glasses at Avatar. Which I did not want to go see because it was so hyped up and the 'thing' to do... BUT... so very worth it.
Good movie.
Go see it.
reenie out.

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