Friday, January 29, 2010

Clean clean purge purge purge

I am so tired.
Been listing things in my new Stash Purge page like CRAZY!
I have so much stuff. And a lot of it I moved from PA with me, over TWO years ago.
We have been looking at houses, to buy, and the thought of moving this stuff again>?

So... it's TIME to move things to new homes.
Please keep an eye on my Purge Page.
Undyed yarns (that I intended to dye...someday... time to let them go)
Fibers (I have WAY too much fiber)
Yarn (discounted hand dyed skeins!)

Books & Doodads & Accessories
Handmade Stuff!

Embellishments (FOOZLES!)
tacky tacky tacky stuff... heehee
I am having a blast... and things are going fast!


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