Wednesday, February 27, 2008


My Peepy Basket has been featured!

In Craftzine's blog

Skippity Skip!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Setting the mood~

See more here.
I LOVE THIS! I making one of these for my deck.
I can just hear my gramps howling and laughing, he loved kitschy recycled stuff.

Just in time for the Oscars~

I won the award for World's Worst Hat!

You mean my Tree Hat is tacky?
Why in the world didn't anyone tell me? hahahaha

No such thing as bad press. (thanks for the giggle) ;)

Sorry everyone~
Some of my links were down for a few days due to the transfer of my site to the new shopping cart/server.
They should all be fixed now.
If you find one that is not, please give me a heads up.
And let me know if I win any more awards? I am preparing an acceptance speech....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This is my all time favorite yarn….of all time.

My great grandma used to buy me chenille peeps every Easter and I remember a box of them at her house I would play with when I stayed with her, along with a plastic tea set and an old baby doll. I loved this woman. I named Eve (my oldest) after her, Evelyn Grace. Gram was Evelyn Mary and went by Evie.

She was a PA Dutch lady - which means German (somehow over the years deutsch got slanged into dutch).

She called chicken ‘peepy’. Eat your peepy!

For a while in my teens I lived across the street from her and she would cook chicken rondelets with cheese in them- do they still make them? - in her toaster oven, which took forever. The microwave we got her sat unused under the toaster oven. Chicken Rondelets with cheese and spagetti ohs.. mmmm.

She would make me breakfast each morning before school.
I miss her fiercely– she never got to know Paul or the girls but I see her in both girls.
sniff. My baby brother called her Teenymaw. So here Teenymaw- is a Peepy for you!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Things have been busy as usual.... I should make this my tagline or name the blog that! haha.

Who isn't busy really?

I have been working with my web designer on an exciting new site and blog as well as designing several new patterns!

So stay tuned..... back to work so I can show you!