Monday, June 22, 2009

ArtFiberFest 09- Vendor Marketplace~

Visit the ArtFiberFest site for even more info~

Come to the Artists’ Marketplace on Friday night, providing a rare opportunity to buy original artwork from many of the best fiber artists around the country.

You will find quirky supplies to use in your own artwork, kits, fabulous handmade yarn, buttons, fabrics, jewelry, dolls, purses, wall art, hooked rug pieces, and lots more.

This event is open to the public, so if you live close to Reed, but can't make it for the workshops, definitely plan on dropping in for the sale.
You won't be sorry.
It happens on June 26th in the Student Union bldg. at 7pm-9pm. Parking and admission is free.


I will have yarn, yarn yarn, fiber, glitz, and yarn! OH-- and knit items!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

...and the June 09 Yarn Recipients ARE...

I am pleased to announce the lucky June 09 "Journey Hat Kit" recipients ~

Winner #1 is...

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-06-21 17:56:04 UTC


Carla said...

When is a door not a door. When it's ajar!

Try not to convulse with laughter everyone.


Winner# 2 is...

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-06-21 17:56:28 UTC

Elaine said...

What's gray, has big ears and a trunk?

A mouse going on vacation.


Next month's giveaway fun will be up and running near the end of July!
If you would like to be contacted when the new giveaway is up go to the shop and scroll down-- the newsletter subscription link is at the bottom of every page on!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

2009 Yarn Giveaway #5 ~ TWO Journey Hat Kits!

I am no longer taking entries for this giveaway.
Check recent entries for NEXT month's giveaway.
Entries ended with comment #43~

I did not offer a May giveaway, so for June I am offering a DOUBLE giveaway...
2 Journey Hat Kits! (scroll down for entry details)
I will be randomly choosing TWO winners!

ONE Ladybug Journey Hat kit and ONE Skull Journey Hat kit
(if you win, you can choose which one you want)

Ladybug Journey Hat Kit comes with...
~ 220 yards of a worsted BFL in my Charlotte Scarlett colorway (pic shows different yarn)
~ Glass ladybug beads
~ Printed pattern for hat and instructions for beading

Skull Journey Hat Kit comes with...
~ 220 yards of a worsted BFL in my Acid Grasshopper colorway
~ Wooden skull beads
~ Printed pattern for hat and instructions for beading


TO ENTER, entertain me!
Simply place a comment in this blog entry with your favorite joke.
The cornier the better! (try to keep it clean and punny)

OH- and only one entry per person please?

On Saturday June 20th I will enter the number of each comment (first comment is number 1, etc.) into a random number generator online. I will post the winner here in the blog as well as emailing the Material Whirled newsletter list! To join, click here (link is at the bottom of every page on the site). Please make sure I can find your email info.
If I post your name here on in the newsletter, contact me and we can work out the fun details!

a $30 dollar value!

(includes free shipping to the continental US)

I plan to do one giveaway per month ...So spread the word!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Journey Hat Beaded Variation~

How to add beads to embellish your Journey Hat! (base pattern here)

You will need an even number of beads. If using smaller beads (as in pink hat below), you will want to use more than if they are large (such as with the lady bugs or skulls shown here).

It will make your life easier if the hole in the bead is large enough to accommodate both strands of yarn. Beads are added to the yarn right before they are knit in (see instructions below). This way if they are tight on the yarn, you don't have to fight them while knitting the entire brim, etc.

Plan to space your beads
evenly spaced among 96 stitches. (Simple math... if using 8 beads- they will be placed every 12 stitches, if using 6 beads- place every 16 st, if using 12 beads- place every 12 st, etc., etc.)

Start the basic pattern and knit the brim...
I typed the added instructions in RED below.
You also need the original pattern.... (printable link).

Materials: ~
~ 1 skein of worsted weight yarn, approx. 210+ yards
(knit from both ends of the wound skein)
**A DK or light worsted will work well also!
~ Size 8, 16 inch circular needle

~ Size 10 1/2, 16 inch circular needle

~ Size 10 1/2 dpn
~ Tape measure
~ Yarn sized needle

~ Beads!

Cast 64 st onto size 8 circ. needle.
K3P1 rib for 2 inches (approx. 11 rows)

Switch to 10 1/2 circ. needle.
Round 1, Purl
Round 2, Knit
Round 3, Increase round, *K2, M1*, continue * entire round, increasing to 96 st. (M1 by picking up and knitting the bar between stitches)
Break the yarn, string your beads on, and knot it back together. Leave ends long enough to weave in when the hat is completed. (Tip-- use a tiny crochet hook to pull the yarn through the beads. It's hard to find a yarn needle with an eye small enough to fit through your beads). It looks best if you can pull both strands of yarn through the bead.
ADDED ROUND~ Knit~When it is time to add a bead, simply slide down to your needle and keep knitting.
Round 4, Purl

From now on follow the original pattern as written.
(printable link).

Be sure to send me pictures of your masterpieces!

Black Cat Journey Hat ~ Seed Stitch Top Variation

A custom order hat, knit from hand dyed black alpaca. It reminds me of my black cat~ she looks black until the sun shines on her, then she is really a dark dark brown.

I knit the top in a seed stitch, which I feel adds interest when using a solid color.

(I still need to write up instructions on where/how to add the beads~ doing this in a separate post)

Seed Stitch variation~

~Knit the Journey Hat pattern as written through round 12.

~ You need to knit a seed stitch in the round on an odd number of stitches. This means you will have an odd number when you begin decreasing, so once you place your markers, the first section of stitches will have one more stitch than the others. (I know, this may throw some of you retentive knitters into a fritz, think of it as creative therapy! ) Just ignore it and knit your decreases as if you had an even amount.

~Round 13~ M1 , *P1, K1* , repeat entire round. (97 stitches)

~Round 14 and on... Knit in seed stitch until your hat measures 5 inches from the edge, then begin your decrease rounds as follows...


In seed pattern, place a marker every 12 stitches (remember, your first section will have 13 st)
When decreasing in seed stitch, you need to knit (or purl) 3 stitches together. This will keep your seed pattern from looking all wonky. If the first of these 3 stitches is a knit stitch, K3tog, if the first of these 3 stitches is a purl stitch, P3tog. Got it?

To keep things simple, I wrote the decrease instructions as KNIT (K), but make sure you keep to the seed pattern.

~Decrease round 1~ *K9, K3tog* Continue in this pattern entire round.
~Knit 3 rounds normally
~Decrease round 2~ K8, K3tog* Continue in this pattern entire round.
~Knit 3 rounds normally
~Decrease round 3~ K7, K3tog* Continue in this pattern entire round.
~Knit 2 rounds normally
Continue to in this manner and knit 2 rounds normally between each decrease row until you have 9 stitches left on your needles. Switch to your dpn when you feel it is necessary.
Thread needle and connect all remaining stitches and secure, closing the hole.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yarns and Journals~

I spent the morning updating the yarn shop. I bribed the girls with a trip to the lake to swim if they left me alone in peace all morning. Personally, I think it is too cold to swim, but I am not the one who will be getting wet, so I suppose I can suffer through some knitting-by-the-water time.
sigh. poor me.

Here are some shots of my art journal, I added some of my gut images. Some of the images show on other pages once they are turned. I love this, love how it all just works out somehow.

and.... some yarn pics!

Off to the lake!