Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Journey Hat Beaded Variation~

How to add beads to embellish your Journey Hat! (base pattern here)

You will need an even number of beads. If using smaller beads (as in pink hat below), you will want to use more than if they are large (such as with the lady bugs or skulls shown here).

It will make your life easier if the hole in the bead is large enough to accommodate both strands of yarn. Beads are added to the yarn right before they are knit in (see instructions below). This way if they are tight on the yarn, you don't have to fight them while knitting the entire brim, etc.

Plan to space your beads
evenly spaced among 96 stitches. (Simple math... if using 8 beads- they will be placed every 12 stitches, if using 6 beads- place every 16 st, if using 12 beads- place every 12 st, etc., etc.)

Start the basic pattern and knit the brim...
I typed the added instructions in RED below.
You also need the original pattern.... (printable link).

Materials: ~
~ 1 skein of worsted weight yarn, approx. 210+ yards
(knit from both ends of the wound skein)
**A DK or light worsted will work well also!
~ Size 8, 16 inch circular needle

~ Size 10 1/2, 16 inch circular needle

~ Size 10 1/2 dpn
~ Tape measure
~ Yarn sized needle

~ Beads!

Cast 64 st onto size 8 circ. needle.
K3P1 rib for 2 inches (approx. 11 rows)

Switch to 10 1/2 circ. needle.
Round 1, Purl
Round 2, Knit
Round 3, Increase round, *K2, M1*, continue * entire round, increasing to 96 st. (M1 by picking up and knitting the bar between stitches)
Break the yarn, string your beads on, and knot it back together. Leave ends long enough to weave in when the hat is completed. (Tip-- use a tiny crochet hook to pull the yarn through the beads. It's hard to find a yarn needle with an eye small enough to fit through your beads). It looks best if you can pull both strands of yarn through the bead.
ADDED ROUND~ Knit~When it is time to add a bead, simply slide down to your needle and keep knitting.
Round 4, Purl

From now on follow the original pattern as written.
(printable link).

Be sure to send me pictures of your masterpieces!

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