Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Please be patient...

Jet streams going over the mountain... so pretty.

Driving in the lane, a "Welcome Home" photo.

Pond... the focal point of the "Happy Place"~

View across the living room and out the sliders.

Things are moving along nicely... above are a few shots taken on my phone yesterday.
Please be patient with my postings until after next week. Our stuff sits in boxes awaiting the big mover-dudes.
MONDAY is the day.
Two more days until new carpet arrives... SO much exhausting fun.
Stay tuned for more adventures and photos...
I miss my studio SO BAD.

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Perfect Protest~

Sitting here on the couch way too early this morning trying to wrap my brain around all that needs done until moving day.
Of course I am mentally berating myself for not having more done and not being more organized.
I am forever hard on myself... I know I expect unreasonable things from myself & I would never ask another to take on that much. AND if one of my friends treated herself this way I would tell her STOP IT! But yet I still do it... so this morning I am releasing myself from my unrealistic expectations.

So, although a bit LATE, (see? I am not perfect!)
Here is my Perfect Protest~

I vow to myself to enjoy this amazing move and to just chillAX and absorb what an amazing gift this all is...

Go see Brené Brown's Blog and watch her Perfect Protest video...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Painting day...

Class with Jesse Reno at art and soul..
This is my rebellion painting at the end of class.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Farm "Before" Pictures~

Pictures taken the first time we walked in the house as owners!

Changes happen so fast and I wanted to capture it all in it's true 'before' state.

Click the link at the top of the slideshow above to go to the actual Flickr album...
Or go here to view full sized slide show~
If you want to view descriptions click the "Show Info" link at the top right.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Deedlely Deedlely done done done.
We are closed and recorded with the county.
Now to go cry by my pond.
Feeling very grateful right now.

Our "Happy Place"~

 I took this shot while waiting to meet with the title company and sign our 60 some signatures.
A really cool moment that I wanted to capture for my 365 album.

Today is the 'offical' day that the farm is ours. Late this afternoon to be exact.
WA is different than PA with it's processing. In a PA closing everything happens at once at a very formal meeting. Here in WA it is an informal signing of papers and the next day everything gets recorded with the county.
Once we receive that call that all is recorded we will be heading to the farm to sit by the pond an cry a bit.
Taking our dogs for the first time to run and play.

The list making has begun and a plan is in order... gotta have things planned out to avoid chaos at the other end. This is my 14th?! time I am moving (I know--phew!) and the last for a long time.
I don't want the unpacking to drag out longer than it has to.

I will take a LOT of pictures later today.
Now for the fun part!

Monday, October 4, 2010

pack pack pack

I am still here, just pack pack packing my world into tidy moving boxes.
Closing is to be sometime this week! Moving in a few weeks...

skippity skip!

Here are some before and after shots of my studio chill-out space.... I have LOVED this space.

Goodbye sweet space.


This last pic? My art supplies.
Hilarious. LOT of boxes there.

So.. onward!
Been a weird week or so... packed all I can for now and just waiting for closing so I can get at the farm house with some paint! Not used to being stuck in a place with no specific plans or list. 
Cannot spin or knit due to tendonitis in my elbow. 
Cannot hike or walk in shoes since I broke my poor toe!

Been sewing some and taking it chill because once those sweet keys are in hand it will go FAST.