Friday, October 8, 2010

Our "Happy Place"~

 I took this shot while waiting to meet with the title company and sign our 60 some signatures.
A really cool moment that I wanted to capture for my 365 album.

Today is the 'offical' day that the farm is ours. Late this afternoon to be exact.
WA is different than PA with it's processing. In a PA closing everything happens at once at a very formal meeting. Here in WA it is an informal signing of papers and the next day everything gets recorded with the county.
Once we receive that call that all is recorded we will be heading to the farm to sit by the pond an cry a bit.
Taking our dogs for the first time to run and play.

The list making has begun and a plan is in order... gotta have things planned out to avoid chaos at the other end. This is my 14th?! time I am moving (I know--phew!) and the last for a long time.
I don't want the unpacking to drag out longer than it has to.

I will take a LOT of pictures later today.
Now for the fun part!

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Ricë said...

yay! enjoy, sweetie~~