Friday, March 18, 2011

Chicken Nuggets (cross post)

Cross post from our farm blog~ Peculiar Ambitions~

As requested, here are more Peep pics!
They are 5 days old.

15 Rhode Island Reds. 
They are all healthy and skippy, only one has some poo crusted on her butt feathers. 
We call her Poopsy. 
Tried to get the poo off, but it is ON there. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Announcing Our FARM blog! Peculiar Ambitions~

This year we are starting our farm business!
Yep, you heard me right, we are going for IT.

We love our farm, have been here for 5 months now, and the p.l.a.n. is for this to be our "jobs"... all four of us... eventually. Not sure exactly what directions this will take, but we don't really care. For now we will not get caught up in the "hows", although we have some really exciting ideas! (not a traditional farm, think "art farm" (classes) with nummy food and produce and critters and yarn and art for sale)~

We are still in the "getting functional" phase and having so much fun.

So, while we are figuring things out, I started a FARM BLOG!

Called Peculiar Ambitions! Which is the name of our farm. We will share our discoveries and all of the exciting things (how many times did I say exciting?) that happen.

I will be annoying you with pesky cross-postings for a while, until the new blog has it's own flow.

Redneck Hippie-Rigged Brooder Box~

We have been deliberating what type of brooder box we will need for our peeps.

Should we use cardboard boxes or storage bins? 
(both of which I was concerned about a fire hazard with the heat lamps...)
Or build one out of plywood? The metal tank brooder thingys at the farm store are too pricey.
This morning we were discussing our options over coffee and Paul went out to see what scrap wood we had in the barn when he walked by THIS...

A crusty old wooden gun case left here by the previous owners. We have not had time to conquer the workshop yet, it still needs unpacked and rearranged.
Good thing, because this gem would have met the burn pile!

He knocked out the gun rack and the drawers on the bottom and laid it on it's back.
Perfect size and the doors work as a lid to keep the heat in at night.

Here it is all set up before the peeps were added.
We since moved it to the cellar under our kitchen.
Since the cellar is under the woodstove, the temperature is about 15 degrees warmer than the workshop.
There you have it, the perfect redneck, hippie-rigged brooder box!

I am so proud.

Ann's Fiona Hat

We call it her Fiona hat (as in Shrek). 
She is not a fan of the name but... it has stuck.
Pattern I used is Bzz Hat for Queen Bees by Anne Wolfe (rav link) from the Stitch 'n Bitch Nation book.
I modified the pattern to suit Ann but only to change the fit.  I added to the width and some length.
Gauge was different than the pattern suggested also... I used a size 8 needle. 

It is her go-to bum around the house, everyday hat this year.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eve's Thorpe Hat

This cute hat is Eve’s favorite... she wears it every day.

The pattern is "Thorpe"(rav link), another amazing pattern by Kirsten Kapur~ of Through the Loops.
Knit from a two ply handspun by Shannon of Spun Monkey… in the colorway called 
Size 9 needle...

The edges and braids are a heathered Cascade 220, not sure of the colorway, it is a peachy pink.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ann's Quest Hat

I figured it's time to start sharing some of my FOs (finished objects). 
Since I spend a big portion of my time knitting... duh.

Introducing Ann's Quest Hat!
Pattern by Laura Nelkin
Pattern is available free in Knitty Winter 2011

Size 6 needle.
I used the pattern for Quest #1 (2 version in the pattern)

Only mods were that I knit a seed stitch in place of the linen stitch and I did not switch needle sizes as recommended.

Ann prefers to wear it with the brim down and to the side, gives it a cute 1920s vibe.
A really youthful way to show off your favorite vintage brooches!

Next two shots show it worn with the brim as intended.

Few more knit FO posts to go so stay tuned!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm Back!

I am back from my hiatus!
The new studio is unpacked and I have started restocking my inventory.
NEW fun items~
This week I restocked the pins!
Featuring new designs... made by the amazing ladies of ZippyPins~
Two new Knit Pins...
Two new Spin Pins...
and now.... BUMPER STICKERS!
Hilarious, fun, sticky stickers!
Put them on your car, laptop, journal, water bottle or anywhere!
Stay tuned for MORE! 
I missed you.