Monday, October 11, 2010

My Perfect Protest~

Sitting here on the couch way too early this morning trying to wrap my brain around all that needs done until moving day.
Of course I am mentally berating myself for not having more done and not being more organized.
I am forever hard on myself... I know I expect unreasonable things from myself & I would never ask another to take on that much. AND if one of my friends treated herself this way I would tell her STOP IT! But yet I still do it... so this morning I am releasing myself from my unrealistic expectations.

So, although a bit LATE, (see? I am not perfect!)
Here is my Perfect Protest~

I vow to myself to enjoy this amazing move and to just chillAX and absorb what an amazing gift this all is...

Go see Brené Brown's Blog and watch her Perfect Protest video...

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LoriAngela said...

Just downloaded your Journey Hat. Thanks for the great pattern to knit for Help Mexico Project!