Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby Pip Hat REVISION~


The LONG awaited and highly anticipated
Baby Pip Hat Pattern Revision!

Working on some more prototypes and variations... will add pictures here as they are completed.

Baby Pip Hat
by Reenie Hanlin
Gauge is 5 st/in in K1P1 pattern~

With a worsted weight yarn...
~ Size 8 dpn (or whatever size you need to obtain gauge)
~ Cast on 40 (preemie) (56 (newborn) or 60 (infant)) stitches and divide evenly between needles.
~ Connect and begin working in the round in K1P1 until hat measures 4 (4.5, 5) inches from cast on edge.
~ Divide stitches evenly on to two needles and bind off using three needle bind off.
~ Flip hat inside out so the bind off sea is on the inside.

Three needle bind off~
Knit 1st stitch from both front and back needle together
repeat and pass 1st st over 2nd st and drop off.
Repeat this pattern until seam is completed.
End and weave in ends.

Embellish the corners of the hat with pom-poms, tassels or ears.

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Glitzy Glass said...

Wow! That is the cutest hat!!! I love it on, not so much off, so keep em' on the head! CUTE.