Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Holy Neon Yarny Art~!

Alright. I admit it.
I am a bit loud.
I don't just sound loud, I like LOUD COLORS.
Well, I like all colors really, but my go-to, default, first-choice colors are always loud.

I finished the yarny painting I started last night at Michelle's (see previous post).

Here is what it looked like this morning...
In progress....
and here it is NOW, all finished and LOUD.
I glued knitting needles to the top and bottom to frame the image.
I changed the floating circles into yarn balls (duh) and the green balls will glow-in-the-dark.
And the magical part?
The needles LIGHT UP!
Go big or go home I say.


Jackie Wood said...

AWESOME!!! The needles make me smile!! Glad you got a hanger figured out.

michelle allen said...

your piece turned out awesome! love, love your stamp!

Healing Expressions said...

Hi Reenie! So glad you stopped by my blog because I couldn't find your little card you gave me! Now I can post a link to your piece as well! It really was fun to meet you too! I love what you did to your final work. The knitting needles are wonderful!