Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ann's 2012 Sweater~ Wicked Mod

Finally!  A post about this winter's sweater for Ann~
Made from the wonderful Wicked sweater pattern (Ravelry Link) by Rachel Bishop

Knit from Stockbridge by Valley Yarns, 50% Alpaca/ 50% Wool ~ in Dark Grey.

I modified the pattern three ways... 
first by eliminating the kangaroo packet and adding aLOT more length to the body.

The bottom edge has a cabled pattern mirroring the neckline. 

The sleeves have a simple k2p2 rib, I plan to frog them back and add long sleeves next fall (maybe).

Note the extra ease? 
I wanted to make it BIG ENOUGH to fit her into adult hood... 
my 12 yo beauty is already almost 5'8. 

Here are a few more photos...

Here is she is a mere three years ago in her first Wicked sweater (ravelry link).

Sheesh. It's amazing what three year's growing can do. My baby! (sniff)


sjanova said...

She's 12 already? Somehow I had a mental image frozen at that earlier photo's age. Yikes. (Then again, I know how old my son is and that he has 3 kids - 6, 2, and 0.5 years old. Yikes there, too.)

Hilleriffic said...

Your work is amazing Reenie! And Ann's hair is rockin! Love it!

Anonymous said...

that kiddo is a real cutie! and your adaptions make perfect sense. good job lady!

by 12, i might have reach 4'6"...finally made it to all of 4'8 3/4"