Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I woke up stupid this morning. hyuck.

Maybe it's because I was up late last night? Paul is on the road and didn't arrive at his destination until after 1am. I try to stay in touch with him until he arrives so I can get info about where he is, room numbers, etc. You know, adult responsibility stuff.

It's rainy and blurgy here also, which doesn't help. Plus a frisky kitty woke me up at 5 am.
Even coffee hasn't helped engage the grey matter. It's almost noon and I am still jammie clad and dazed on the couch.

Genius me is trying to tackle a lace pattern this morning, which is simple and there is no reason for me to be struggling, but after attempt 4 and a traveling attention span I put it down and decided to blog a bit.

While trying to follow this lace pattern I had a realization. I have a huge case of startitis.
It's pretty bad, I just counted 7 started knitting projects.

1- Cabled scarf
2- Baby Pip hat revision- on hat # 2 of 3
3- Halloween Kit for site
3- Christmas Kit for site
4- Cable swatch afghan project- which will be a long term in progress project
5- My socks, which are beginning year 2 of being on the needles.
6- Lace Toot scarf
7- Fibonacci Bag edge trim

How many projects are too many? How many do you have on the needles at once?

I have grounded myself from beginning anything new until at least a few of these are DONE.

Now the girls are bickering over a sewing project down in the studio. Doncha love it how your kids absorb your mood? I am gonna shower, dress, pack up the orders that need shipped and hit Joann Fabrics. Maybe getting out will help?

OR perhaps a nice long fetal position nap?

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