Thursday, June 19, 2008

Teeny Maw Squares

My late great-grandma (Teeny-Maw), Evelyn (Eve is named after her), was a fanatical crocheter. She made me several awesome afghans. One I have yet to use- it was put away until I was 'grown'. I guess I am not completely 'grown' yet, since I cannot seem to get it out and use it.

The other day I taught myself to make granny squares and found some inspiring pillows. (blog entry here) made from them. Today I remembered that last spring when my mom was cleaning out my gram and paw's house she gave me a box of random granny squares my gram had kept from Teeny Maw (her mom). confused yet? :D

Anyway, I found this box and SCORE! Here they are! In all of their retro glory.

So I plan to make pillows from these instead of crocheting my own. It means more and each time I look at them I think of both my grams. I miss them terribly.

I leave you with yet another nauseatingly cute Ezmaralda picture- she is sleeping in my arms like a baby.

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well, she is a baby and should be cuddled! wow! what an afghan that would make...and you could see them all the time and when you cuddled inside it, it would be like you was getting hugged by her! or pillows that you could see or rest you head on her shoulder.