Thursday, June 19, 2008

Green Reenie~

Honestly, I am sick to death of the term 'green'. Ten years ago the term was 'frugal' or 'thrifty'. I have always been aware of reusing and recycling things, partly because I am cheap (insert evil grin here) but mostly because I hate waste. It drives insane really.

So- the other day I realized my pot holders are hitting that scary point where they are just gross. Not even a run through the washer is helping. One pair came from Paul's gram's house when we cleaned it out, I had sewed them together to make them thicker and embroidered their edges. The others were yard sale scores with Easter bunnies on them. I know- tacky..... snort.

So today I took the girls' jean legs I have been saving for reuse and covered my nasty pot holders.
I didn't photo them before covering them (they were that gross).

Reenie's Recycled and Repurposed Pot Holders~

I top stitched with my sewing machine with rainbow variegated thread. The flowers were part of the girls' jeans, I didn't 'add' them.

They are super thicko now so heat will never get through them. I love them. They should last me a looooong time.

Aren't you astounded with my domesticity? I know I am.

See? aimless--

I think today I will set up a painting stations so I can start to dabble with some paintings. Or spin. Or something.



what a good idea...and better than would i would have done...i would have just used them to repair other jeans...your idea is so much more creative!

Judy Wise said...

eee, I love the hotpads idea. Mine are in need of a facelift too. Thanks! xo