Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Paradigm Shift

Today we started to sniff around for properties for sale. Now we are a good 2-3 years away from being prepared to buy, but it is so, urm, bizarre? looking at real estate in Washington! I still cannot fathom that we live here. Best to get a feel of properties and areas and prices way ahead of time.

Sunday we went to Lucia Falls in WA and walked on a really gorgeous trail, sigh... the trail and falls were breathtaking. Here is the link to the park site.
I will get pics up soon, promise. The water was so clear it looked teal!

I taught myself how to crochet granny squares yesterday and I am a tad addicted.
I started some from my Malabrigo remnants and they are divine! I think I will make some pillows for my LR, inspired by these.... made by Afra on etsy. I found her(him?) via the Offbeat Interior Inspirations Flickr Pool. So inspiring! Here is her flickr site.

Next plan is to make granny squares from my handspun~ and perhaps pillows from those!

I also have a throw pillow pattern idea in my brain to sell on the site, made from one skein of my handspun and a felted sweater. Perhaps I should get it OUT of my head and into reality?

Off to snuggle with the kids a bit before crashing.

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love the squares! is i a square too? i think i is!