Monday, June 2, 2008


I am only SEMI pathetic. Yesterday we took a spontaneous road trip to the Oregon coast to Depoe Bay to see the tide pools.
I drug my chubby butt down the side of a cliff to get to the tide pools.

Once down we realized the tide was in and the only way to get around was to climb giant rocks. Chest high giant rocks.
Doing this raises my status to SEMI pathetic as I could have sat at the top and rocked and cried.

Obviously I have been spending waaaayyy too much time lately spinning, knitting and eating, sitting on my arse. I had to drag myself up and across all of these rocks. for hours. then back UP the cliff.
Good workout though. I can't even treadle today. I am so cute. I am also very proud of myself.
Here are pics of the trip-- see the pic of chubby me sitting on a rock attempting to knit? (Paul always takes the most flattering pics of me.) I think I will print this one out and put it on the fridge and each kitchen cabinet. I do NOT feel like I look, because I usually feel pretty sprite and zippy. This pic is a reality check for sure. Better to be motivated by it than devastated into a fetal position.

Paul took some beyond fantastic pictures of the kiddos and the tide pool critters though.

So today I am stretching and sitting around and entertaining myself with the internet.

Today I found THIS BLOG--

She is my new best friend, whether she knows it or not.... heehee
I just went to amazon and bought her book. I know- I must have been under a pile of yarn lately. Her name is Laurie Perry btw, and she totally cracked me up.

So off to attempt to make dinner-- and sketch some knitting ideas out-- and read more of Laurie's blog.


Laurie-- wanna come over and knit? I will serve you some wine. >:) OR dress Paul up like Slash! haha


She sure is strange! said...

Ha, you can't have Laurie, she's MY BFF!! Her uncle lived in my hometown. Ok, I'll share her, I'm nice that way!

Can I have that gorgeous kitteh? She's a sweetie.

Found you through your comment to Laurie today. Isn't she a hoot?! You'll cry over her loss of Roy though, just so you'll know.

Anyway, your blog is great and I love the tidal pool pics, very neat.

Molly(from east Texas)

laurie said...

y (or unluckily, as one may have it) I am terribly wordy so I do have a rather voluminous archive LOL.

And I hope you like the book.

Sunny Carvalho said...

I loved the latest post and the pics! The new yarn is lovely, too.