Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Creative Surge~!

Another post with a gazillion pictures...

Yesterday I had a bunch of energy!
In the late morning I took the girls to our library, they had a mini-carnival for their summer reading program kick-off, called Bugapalooza.
Here they are in a blur of potato-sack racing...

Once we got home the girls dug into their library books and I hit the studio.

My MIL (Hi Barb!) gave us some fantastic sheets she scored at a yard sale.
They have Kliban cats all over them.
I found this tutorial a few months ago so I decided to make myself some bags. However, in true Reenie form I had to change things up a bit. Rather than hemming each edge as she suggests in the tutorial, (effective but tedious) I made french seams. I also did my own version of a gusset, which made more sense to me. I used Paul's old jeans for straps. This is the prototype- I figured it was wiser to make one and work out the bugs before tacking a pile of them (which is what I usually do). I have enough sheet to make 14-16 bags! I will probably only make 8 though. I am not that ambitious when getting groceries. hee. It measures 12x15 with a 6 inch gusset---perfect size. The handle edge should fray out after some use. giving it a worn denim look.

Next I hit the dye room to prep some fabric. Jackie is coming today to play and make a mess. We are experimenting with some Flour-Paste Batik techniques.
Here are some shots of the first coating of paste drying....

Just some doodles to see what comes out of it.
Today we will apply the first layer of dye. I will take more pics once that is complete.

Ezmaralda made a statement today- it was too cute to not photograph. She loves her daddy!

I have 5 new yarns! They should be up this evening.... here is a sneak peek of one....

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