Thursday, June 12, 2008

Knitting and spinning~

It's been an odd week here to say the least. Paul has been out of town all week and we miss him! He is in the air on his way home now! yay

I have been knitting up a frenzy- seems my realization of my start-itis helped tremendously.
My Aunt Toot lace scarf is coming along wonderfully! I will take pics tomorrow to show you.

I have also finished version number 2 of the Baby Pip hat! It is too cute, if that is possible.

So tomorrow morning we have a field trip, after which I plan to attempt a site update. We have more fiber to list as well as some fun new yarns! I spun up 4 new skeins this morning that I am stoked about.
woo hoo :D

Off to prepare for hugs from the man!

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