Monday, June 28, 2010

You mean I will be on camera?! Live Promo

The chance to take part in this wonderful opportunity came up at the last minute, 
which is why I have not mentioned it until now!
Join us tomorrow, Tues. June 29th 6:30 pm pst.

This promo was taped after too many cookies and a few hours of us being hyper and silly in Liz's studio. 
You can definitely tell we are squirrelly AND that this is complete improv. No plan or script.
We were just messing around to test the camera, then decided that
we amuse ourselves and would use it to promote tomorrow night.

Liz and I will be discussing art journals, scrapping, where the two connect and who knows what else really, we tend to get somewhat out of hand when we are together. Imagine that.

and blerg, will I EVER get used to seeing myself on video?

OH-- you can chat with us LIVE via ustream (simply create an account-- it's free!) or via twitter, using the #pclive hash tag.

Just type us a question or a message on your twitter and then type #pclive. We will be filtering out those hash-tags so we can read your comments and questions as they arrive!

And if you miss us live, you can view us in the archives, which I will link here once I have it.

Off to make a bit of an outline!

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Poetic Dreams said...

Hiya Reenie!
Hope ya having a great day!
Hugs, Poe