Monday, June 28, 2010

Yard Sailing~

I have to admit, I am a total sucker for a yard sale. Especially an estate sale. Older people hoard the coolest things....
BUT-- I am constantly fighting my hoarder genes. ha.

This past Saturday, Jackie Sparkles and I hit the Eastmoreland neighborhood yard sale.
Last year, Syd and I hit it early, as it was right across the street from Art FiberFest.
(missed you this year, Syd!)

Here I am eating pretzels and checking the yard sale map
... thanks to Jackie for the pic of me stuffing my face! ha.

THIS time I went with a list of things I need, so I was careful to not buy anything that I do NOT need.

My Finds:

An old ceramic flower pot glazed in my favorite turquoise/teal-esque color.
$7.00! I have seen these at the garden center for like $50.

Plastic ornate picture frame $1.00!
I plan to spray paint it.

Two brass lamps. vintage tacky, but work!Very heavy. $15 each. 
They are currently being spray painted a nummy turquoise. I will post more on them later.

Card display tree thingy, made me smile, and only 25 cents!

a Garden Wagon!
Which I was thrilled to find.
We are forever dragging crap to and from the garden in multiple trips.
I am just too cheap to pay $50 for a new one.
This one? $10. And it seems indestructible. (that is not a challenge)!
It has hole to put your hand tools and a cup holder! total yuppy garden cart.

After Sailing we met Jackie's friend Amy for lunch at Papa Hadyn's.
We had a great time... girl talk and decadent desserts!

A great day. I was tired. 

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