Friday, June 18, 2010

Running Errands~

I am getting ready to hit the road to run errands... but am really excited about one of those stops.
Home Depot!
I am buying paint to put on my new studio hive!
It sits just outside my window so I can see it when I work.
Here are some shots of Paul (aka the Bee Whisperer) adding the bees to the hive...
It's best to add them at night, as they go to bed at sundown. 
Once their queen is in the hive, they will all zip right in with her.

They line up at the opening, put their bee butts in the air, and fan their wings. 
Why? To fan the queen's pheromones (smell) out so any confused bees out of the hive can find home.

All set up!

I am thinking PINK. A pink hive. Why?
Pink makes me happy, plus it has a level of annoyance that makes me smile.
I mean, how many people could stand to look at a pink hive all day?
So... Home Depot... paint, and a few other things I will share LATER (grin).
What are YOU doing today?


Chris Mellang said...

I love the idea of a pink hive!! A wonderful hot pink home for the busy bees.

I know little to nothing about bee keeping but wouldn't you want to paint it before filling it with bees?

Reenie said...

Actually, they do not mind. As long as they do not feel threatened, they will ignore me. The best time is in the evening, when they are calming down and heading in for the night.
I love my bee ladies!

Linda R said...

Hi sister flyer, love the new website! The bees are freaking me out tho. LOL Enjoy your weekend.

Shalet said...

Ooooh - I'd love to have bees but the hubbie isn't too keen on the idea. Ah well it took two years to convince him chickens were a good idea ...

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing your hive come into being (or is it bee - ing)? Awesome. Also, loving the work you're doing on your site and blog -- fun!