Sunday, June 6, 2010

Painting Time!

Yesterday I stole some time to paint.
An hour or so...
I seem to be working in small increments of functionality lately.
Better to grab those moments when I am lucid and be productive.
Love that word.
Nothing super profound, at least not that I can translate for you to understand.
So I took pictures instead.
Started this painting well over a year ago and was grooving the color scheme, 
but it was way.too.busy. ack.
After a long time just looking at it, I decided some of it needed painted out.
Another painting I have been dabbling at with colors and composition. 
This one got painted over also.
More to come... 

1 comment:

michelle allen said...

looks like fun! i love your bravery for painting over. i know how hard that can be!