Monday, May 4, 2009

What the What?


Feels like I have been out of it for a while. Fought some odd detox/ blood sugar/ hormonal thing for over a week, then had to prep a booth for First Friday (see previous post).

Friday was a blast, but sales-wise was not. The street was supposed to be closed, but the city would not approve it. So... as you can see in my pics, the cars were whizzing by the entire time and was quite un-nerving. sigh. Not sure if I will do the rest of the summer. I have a full plate with ArtFiberFest and my Sock Summit booth coming up.

Right now? I have orders galore to fill (yay orders-- keep 'em coming!) and

SO.... here are booth pics.

Back soon with more Journey Hat Pics!

1 comment:

Turtle said...

that's too bad they didn't close the street. that would have brought out so many more people!