Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Art Journal Itch~

Not sure where this itch is coming from. I have always been very fascinated with other artist's journals and sketchbooks. I dabble in them myself. Mine are more of like note-taking OCD and random collage. Nothing too impressive but they make me happy.

I am making the covers from vinyl coated 3 ring binders we have had for years. Upcycling!
There is cardboard under that vinyl. Once I deconstruct it I tape it all back together and gesso it. Some of them I glue denim pieces to the bends to make it stronger and some I use canvas pieces. All get a good coating of gesso. They are all in the painting stage. I am building layers of color right now.
Here they are... I will keep posting as they progress.

This one is going to be a "Fiber Art Diva" journal. Not sure if I will keep it or sell it. Inspired by ArtFiberFest ladies.
The base is a vintage Singer Sewing guide binder I scored at Goodwill.
I gesso'd and painted the cover and let the sewing maching image show through so I can feature it in the final design (still very unfinished). The inside cover will be left untouched. Not sure what I will do for the pages. I think I will leave the tabbed divider pages and add blank and decorated papers in between.

This cover will be for my "Creative Calender". Inspired by Pam Garrison and Gennine.
No pages yet-- but soon!
Cover laid open~ Still very 'in-progress"~
I am in LOVE with my new neon gaffers and duct tape. love love love (swoon)
These two are gifts for my nieces.... who love to draw and create. This gives them a place to store their drawings and to write their magical ideas down.

This cover is large and is for a collaboration with Jackie and Liz. More on that later as it develops. I am exploring the color yellow.
Back to work!

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