Friday, May 22, 2009

Art Outside and Color Inspiration~

This morning I was dozing on the couch, after waking up before 5am! I had a cat on my legs and I was watching the tree limbs blow back and forth. I was wondering what was going to get my attention first today. After deciding (it wasn't hard to do so) that I will work on my demo for ArtFiberfest, I realized that I have not blogged in a week! gasp!
So this post is to catch up on what has been 'a-happenin'

Last weekend Paul took OFF (a rarity) and we played in the dirt most of the weekend.
Tree-Hugging-Dirt-Worshipping-Granola-Eaters that we are. Sat. morning we took a Master Composting class, taught by Dr. Rot. Informative. We compost by throwing all our compostables in a big pile outside and turning it randomly. So we learned a ton about what we are doing right and wrong. After that we decided to groom the front garden a bit. Well "I" got involved, so it turned into a sculpture session!
How FUN!
We had these huge, hideous juniper bushes -the ones that smell like cat pee?-- ugh.
I guess them to be at least 20+ years old.
Here is a pic of the first monster we removed~

Guess what we found underneath??
A cobble stone wall!
I was beside myself about it.... I looked for gnomes and fairies but they must have gotten away too fast.

Then we removed the second bush-- which always reminded me of a giant tribble. It looked like it would scurry off any moment.
Paul standing by the dismembered bush-- shows how monstrous the thing was.... Paul is almost 6'6 tall!

House shot before bush monster removal....and After bush monster removal...
Other fun shots from the weekend...

Amazing azalea and rhododendron bushes we drove by.... astounding color!
Flowers I bought at Farmer's Market...

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Whimsical Creations said...

WOW, what a fabulous find! Looks sooo much better without the bushes.