Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This month is birthday month at the Hanlin house!
Mine was May 10th-- Mother's Day! I turned 39 years young.

We spent the day at the coast. I am such a fan of the ocean. sigh.
It rejuvenates and relaxes me so much. This time we went to Long Beach peninsula in WA. We explored Ocean Park and visited the yarn shop there.
Then on to Cape Disappointment State Park where there are 2 awesome lighthouses and the most amazing old growth trees! The bulk of our time was spent walking the trails and communing with the trees.

An artist sketching a tree~

Yesterday my Ann turned 10! My baby. sniff.
Happy Birthday my beautiful, silly girl!

A gift rabbit for Ann-- Eve whipped up this crocheted carrot hat in just an hour~!
Off the computer now for some creating time-- Jackie is coming over and forcing me to paint. She is so mean.
But first some fiber play!
Have a spectacular day!

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Turtle said...

looks like some good days! will have to make a day trip to the coast soon...i have yet to go to that area of the state!