Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Double the Journey~

Here are two more Journey Hats! I am addicted. obsessed.
I want to try every combination I can think of. But I shouldn't really. reality you know. Reality aside, I am still going. In my spare-time. down-time.
(I have made two more since these two that I haven't photographed yet. I will post them soonish.)

Drum Roll......
Acid Grasshopper Skull Journey Hat
Knit from my Acid Grasshopper BFL ~
(as of this posting there are still a few skeins available in the shop)
Email me and I will sell you some of the wooden skulls too!
Denim Diva Journey Hat
Knit from a chunky merino I painted.
(Chunky = double stranded worsted)Off to spin more orders!

1 comment:

Turtle said...

love that acid green with the skulls!