Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It Takes Guts!

And I have them!
I have pictures to prove it!
Went to the hospital last Saturday with chest pains... scary scary scary.
Nothing wrong with my heart. I have an upcoming doc appt to find out what is up-- I will spare you the gory details. This blog is my happy place. And these pictures make me so very happy.

I am such a nerd. I was so excited about them the CT scan-dude burned me a cd of them.
Images are slices of me from either front to back or top to bottom.

Heart lungs liver~


Lungs, kidneys and ovaries~


teesha said...

can't wait to see the art that comes from these.

Turtle said...

very cool!

craftygal86 said...


jumpsheep said...

Good luck on your checkup.

earthmother said...

COOL Any new yarn coming from this??? HeHe Hope check-up goes super fantastic