Friday, May 15, 2009

Clayboard Video~

It's UP! The video of Jackie and myself playing with clayboard and experimenting with the tools she gave me for my b-day.
(See previous post with more pics)

You can see me in my fiber/painting studio, see my wall of fiber (I know-- it's an illness, a sick amount of fiber) and see Ezmaralda the studio cat in her basket. It is strategically placed so the heat vent on the ceiling blows directly on her(the diva).

Oh-- and go visit Jackies and Liz's site-- It is very inspiring and FUN! - Creating with Claybord from Illustrating Stories on Vimeo.

The girls and I are leaving now for yarn shop crawl (tour?) in Portland with my friend Ruth and her sprite Zoe (who is 4). I will take pics and share my day with you!

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bethanyg said...

What fun! I feel that inspired itch when I visit your blog. :) Your studio is great!