Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Fairies and Errands

Yesterday's Rainbow...
We spent the bulk of today on the road, running errands. I try to plan appointments and errands all on the same day so I can have more jammie-studio days. LOVE those, they are my favorite days.

This morning we headed to the salon for haircuts. Ann and I got one. I have a hot date with a tall,dark handsome man tomorrow night. We are going out to eat and to see Kathy Griffin. I am so excited.

After the salon we hit Sally beauty and ate lunch at a 50s themed diner, which the kids loved and I tolerated. Then on to Joann's for ArtFest supplies, and our monthly Costco torture session. Why are people at Costco always so vicious? Do they think Costco will run out of food before they get their chance? funny. But it's DONE for the month.

Here is Ann's haircut- she got about 3+ inches off...
We got home about an hour ago and I tried to nap but kept waking myself up by choking and then with hiccups! weird. I gave up on it after the hiccups hit.

The girls are building a Fairy Garden outside and it is the cutest thing.... here are a few shots:

Off to photo a few shop updates and list some. Keep an eye on the site.


Anonymous said...

what cute fairies!

Turtle said...

love the fairy commune!

Miss T said...

Love the fairy garden!