Sunday, March 8, 2009


Sometimes its a pain being an adult. There are decisions to be made and things to be done that....bleh (sigh), no one wants to take care of. I wanted to play in the A.D.D. spring weather (rain, sun, hail, sun, rain, hail, etc.) or in the studio, or update the shop, but...

This is what we spent our Saturday doing...
I moved stuff, vacuumed, pretreated and prepped and Paul ran the machine.
He found it very zen, ME? I would have thrown it off the deck.
It took hours, as our house is full of this lovely carpet. Well, it is better now. It needed it sooo bad. I priced having a professional come and do it but I know they would not be as thorough as we would, plus it was so expensive! sheesh. Some things are worth paying to have done, but this was not.
Since the carpets are still damp I will be posting the new YARN GIVEAWAY after the kids are up and we run the shampooer back to the rental place. Oh- and I may stop at Michael's to get this feathery spring wreath I saw... Kitsch Heaven! I will take a pic.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see pictures I am a Picture queen lol...Can't wait to see the yarn too for this month I LOVE yarn lol..