Sunday, March 22, 2009

Catching up... introducing Petunia Lucille~

I wanted to write a bit about the past few days before putting the hat pattern up.
Once I put it up I will leave it on top for a few days to give everyone a chance to find it.

Spent the past few days just living life. Paul has been home (he took the weekend off! gasp!)
and we have been digging up the garden. We can start our crops almost 2 months earlier here than in PA. love that. I will take pics once it doesn't look like just a dirt pit anymore. Love the smell of earth. mmmmm

Yesterday I gave in and took my pitiful free-crapola cell phone in and traded up for a new one-- bigtime.
I got myself a Blackberry Storm. I am a total tech nerd. This phone makes me happier than is probably considered normal. I get giddy whenever I see it and remember that I actually have one. It's total splurge, since I am rarely away from the studio and the computer, but it makes me so happy I refuse to feel guilty. anyway-- enough blabbering and justification.
Here she is:
Petunia Lucille: (yes- I named it)- I tend to name everything- it amuses me.
So pink and pretty. and a smart girl too!

Here are a few shots from the past few days of my 365 photo diary- have you seen it?
I highly recommend doing one- it gives me a blurb of memory from each day and has really helped the whizzing of time from evaporating my memories.

Off to clean the studio-- my knitting couch is projected to arrive sometime in the next week or so... and I have some serious dusting and purging to do.
Hat pattern soon-- I PROMISE!
One more pic to take before posting it.


Turtle said...

sounds like a good weekend! So you love the new blackberry? I have the curve and have been thinking..... lol, love it's name! Mine is simply named Brain. said...

I dont know what I am drooling over more ...the Storm or the pile of yummy yarn! Great name!