Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ezmaralda got a couch!

Today my kitty turned one year old! I am a total cat nerd. Love the critter.
My couch arrived today, adopted from Jackie's gram. It is a huge retro beauty. I LOVE this couch.
So does Ezmaralda. She sniffed it and promptly jumped up and took a bath. She declared it HER couch, just in time for her birthday.

This space is in my studio and I am having a blast decorating it-- my own personal fort!

Here is a before pic of the space...
and after the couch is in, complete with Ezmaralda and a handsome man. It is more of a gold/green than the picture shows and is perfect for the Brady Bunch vibe of the space.
Here is the table and chairs that came too- from Jackie and her Gram. This table is full of good friend energy and will provide a space for some very fun creating!
I am leaving for Artfest on Wed. morning, and am SO excited! I still need to pack (ack!) and prepare for the arrival of my wonderful in-laws-- who are coming to stay with the girls and Paul while I bask in the creative energy of ArtFest.

Off to sit on the new couch with the man and the cat.

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Anonymous said...

Cool wall paper. Looks realy nice.