Sunday, March 8, 2009

2009 Yarn Giveaway #3 ~ Egg Hunt

I am no longer taking entries for this giveaway.
Check recent entries for NEXT month's giveaway.
Entries ended with comment #59~

It's almost Spring and in it's honor this month's Yarn Giveaway skein is....

"Egg Hunt"
Spun from wool and merino in soft pastel colors with iridescent glitz.
Plied with a variety of pastel cotton threads.
Featuring Easter Eggs!
*Comes with or without iridescent Easter Grass, (your choice)~ 80 yards ~bulky


TO ENTER, entertain me!
haha--- I loved your creative entries last month, so get your creative brain juices flowing and write me a small poem. I love rhyme~
OH- and only one entry per person please?

On Saturday March 28th I will enter the number of each comment (first comment is number 1, etc.) into a random number generator online. I will post the winner here in the blog as well as emailing the Material Whirled newsletter list! To join, click here (link is at the bottom of every page on the site).
If I post your name here on in the newsletter, contact me and we can work out the fun details!

(includes free shipping to the continental US)

I plan to do one handspun yarn giveaway per month ...So spread the word!

Oh and psst-- this yarn is also available to purchase (in a limited edition) in the shop!


FaithEllen said...

There once was a spinner named Reenie
Who liked her daily martini.
She got carried away
At her wheel last May
Result? "Peeps' Dream Of Jeannie"

Laurie said...

Reenie's Easter Yarn
lovely pastels, but alas
no Cadbury Eggs

Laia said...

The bells begin to ring
To celebrate the coming of spring
Sheep are lambing in the barn
It's time for some soft colored yarn

sharahzade said...

Winter's white and muted shades of grey, laced with black still linger.
I long to ply Reenie's shades of delicate pastels through my fingers.
They carry the promise of soft breezes and fragrant blossoms.
Ah, the blessings of Spring are truly awesome.

purljam said...

I like my eggs poached or scrambled
But on this yarn I will take a gamble
Pastel yarn brings Easter and Spring
My Midwest skies really need some zing
So if I am good and pretty lucky
I'll win the yarn, that would be just ducky!!

laraknits said...

For Easter, some have an egg hunt.
I'm Jewish, and I must be blunt.
Matzah may be dandy,
but I prefer candy.
Even though I sh'u'n't.

Anonymous said...

Yarn that evokes Easter this well
Is undoubtedly easy to sell
So to give it away
At the end of the day
Leaves the hatter less mad than we think!
Hazel Y

Anonymous said...

Did you ever see a bunny,
A bunny, a bunny,
Did you ever see a bunny,
Hop this way and that?
Hop this way and that way?
Hop this way and that way?
Did you ever see a bunny,
Hop this way and that?

Did you ever see a bunny,
A bunny, a bunny,
Did you ever see a bunny,
That hopped quite this slow?
Hop this way and that way?
Hop this way and that way?
Did you ever see a bunny,
That hopped quite this slow?

Did you ever see a bunny,
A bunny, a bunny,
Did you ever see a bunny,
That hopped quite this fast?
Hop this way and that way?
Hop this way and that way?
Did you ever see a bunny,
That hopped quite this fast?

Christine I. said...

Spring Fling
Merino with "ping"
Shades of pastels
Wide open pastures

New life


Turtle said...


Spring is in the air
Lightweight knitting brings warm thoughts
And choclate bun ears!

Sorry, not enough coffee to rhyme this morning but a haiku i can do!

Logan said...

Oh my goodness, spring is here
The sun is out, the snow has cleared
The grass is growing
The lawn needs mowing
I think I'll have a beer

marie said...

Is it really spring?
I can hardly tell
There is snow on the ground
and the temperature fell.

BUT, now I get to stay home
all cozy and snug
I can knit and sip coffee
in my big, pink mug.

The yarn on your site
is yummy and sweet
To win a skein
Would be such a treat!


here comes peter cotton tail
hopping down the bunny trail
hippity hoppity easters on its way

bringing every boy and girl

oops...senior moment...i cant remember tje rese!

Patt said...

for the love of yarn
she will do any thing
climb a barn,
or jump thru hoops an sing

Anonymous said...

I have a little white bunny,
Whom this poem is about--but not to win any money,
The yarn to win is so pretty,
This little ditty though, is not so whitty,
But to knit the yarn, Oh! What a treat it would be!


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Does one need to be deeply smitten
For a sweet love poem to be written?
"Yes, yes it is true!" proclaims The Kitten
Here is my poem, I hope it is fittin'

This oppulent yarn with rich allure
Inspires, nay demands, my love true and pure
In my quest for it I dare not demure
It must be mine, Fer sure! Fer sure!

So I'll become a patient waiter
But please don't make me cry later
Don't you be a mean frustrater
Dear Random Number Generator

Thanks for the contests!

Sue said...

Roses are red.
Grass is greenie.
I want that yarn.
Spun by Reenie.

Erin said...

I was a little lax
On my withholding
So I owe tax.
I'll say much harsher words than darn,
As I'm indefinitely unable to buy any yarn.
O wooly gods, let me win this contest,
To make up for my finances being a mess.

(Lame, I know :)

Penny said...

There once was Material Whirled yarn
which was enough to fill up a barn
The sun was so bright
in the sping it was quite a sight
So if I get the key be forewarned

Aunt Kathy said...

For something Pink
I'd rhyme, I think
Oh for Pink yarn I'd sing
But I must admit to you
Rhyming is what I love to do
It and Pink are my thing

Perry said...

I'm outta luck on this yarn,
'cause I can't rhyme worth a darn.

cksknitter said...

Egg Hunt by Reenie,
What a find!
Now what I'd knit
Is on my mind.

Just about anything.
What could go wrong?
Except where the eggs go,
If I knit a thong!

Chrissy at knittodayAThotmailDOTcom

JC said...

This yarn is so neat
Reminds me of Egg Hunts where,
I would find some eggs!

Linda said...

The smell of the new mown grass...
I find so very intoxicating.
It shouts out Spring!
And says life keeps on generating.
The warmth of the sun is caressing my cheek...
And the promise of summer just can't be beat!

Erytanthes said...

Though I'm sick and tired of cold,
One part of SPRING I loathe to behold,
Is the sprouting and blooming of
All things GREEN!
But don't be dismayed,
It's not the color that grates,
But the pollen on my ALLERGIES!

Would that I weren't,
Allergic to dirt,
For then might I enjoy TREES.

Wow, that's rough. But Spring also brings along flu season, and I unfortunately have succumbed to its assault so forgive me if my poetry isn't quite up to par. ^.^

Karen Moody said...

Roses are red
Lavender's purple
I need that yarn
to make a spring basket

Ok so it doesn't rhyme. I'm a spinner not a writer!

moviefreek92 said...

I sit here admiring your yarn with eggs,
Wishing that it had it's own legs,
to run here so I may have it,
Alas I wake up and it's not on my lap waiting to be knit.

Sorry I suck at ryhming, tried my hardest though!

Debra said...

grab those sticks
it's time to knit
remember all those tricks
and knit something with wit!

pinks and blues
greens and yellows
such beautiful hues
so delightfully mellow!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

2b or not 2b that is the question not the answer;)Hugs Darcy
rav id knottyknitter40 said...

Inspired by spring
chunky glitter and pastels
soft as a bunny

'tis the best I could do at such a late hour ... thank you for this, it's gorgeous! :)

nifty crocheter said...

the kids went on a hunt
just so they could find something colored
they all were stunned
by the the yarn that hovered
and was thus named egg hunt.

Sharon Rose said...

Here's a haiku based on the past few years of Cute Overload. :)

Cats in bunny ears
Dogs dressed as chickens - Bok bok!
Modern spring rites? Hmm.

PS - love your yarn!

One Sheep said...

Yarn that resembles the eggs of Easter?
It's time that I got off my kiester
And found the words to make Fate bestir
To make my odds greater, not leaster.
Please, oh please, please, please, pretty please with please on top?
Enough I hope, for now I stop.

Thanks for the fun contest.

vjbear said...

O what fun to read
The poems inspired by thee
To win a yarn so prized
Must spin a yarn in rhyme

BeatrixB said...

There once was a Tennessee-German
who fell for the Easter-Egg-Hunt Yarn
with needles atwitter
and nerves like a fritter
she’s hot for the yarn like chili-con-carn’

bookworm27 said...

Daffodils bloom,
spring is here soon,

Easter is on it's way,
with family we'll stay,

I'd love to take with me,
some yarn that is pretty,

and knit my vacation away!

Anonymous said...

this yarn reminds me of egg hunts in the yard when my beautiful daughter was just getting hair and ,looking for eggs in yellow pj's bunny slippers and bunny ears. I love it ! Lynne

Diane B said...

Little bunny FouFou
Loves chocolate eggs too
Running here
and running there
Looking for yarn that's fair
Rennie said
"Little bunny Fou"
I have some yarn and eggs for you
If you for me a poem to write
I'll read it soon to your delight
Some Easter yarn that's pastel and fair
Will come to you
By land or air.

Sarah w said...

Your homespun Easter yarn is so dandy
Colors just like cotton candy
And yet shouldn't melt
Or be used to make felt
But something delightfully dandy

M-I-L said...

Can yarn be an addiction?
Surely this is fiction!
I search and scour,
the web each hour,
to find a stash addition.

Walla I land on a page,
that looks like it's all the rage.
Is this free yarn?
If I rhyme, darn.
Thus, a poet at my age.

Anonymous said...

reenie's yarn is all the rage.
so my words spill on the page.
must try to win this treat.
must get this yarn, i repeat!
i cross my fingers and make a wish
to get those eggs into my knitting dish!

Joanie Hoffman said...

hunting eggs is not much fun,
but i'll be happy when i've won...
sucks, huh?
happy days,

Jeanine said...

I have a stuffy head
my nose is red
the chills are chasing my to bed

some softly spun easter eggy yarn
to ease my achey head

Country Sunrise said...

While sitting here on my "keester"
Thinking of what to make for Easter.
Up on the page
I spotted yarn that was the rage
And knew it would make something nice for my "seester." lol

Sue said...

Snow melts away the winter gloom
for soon the mud puddles will bloom
green grass soon,the flowers will be in bloom

Stacey said...

Spring is near when the flowers apear the crocuses, and tulips, and lilies.
Spring is here when the baby animals come out and play.
Spring is here.

Amy said...

-There once was a bunny named Pierre,
-Who hopped from here to there.
-Behind him there was always a trail of fluff.
-This left most people in a huff.
-Except for one talented, imaginative girl.
-For she would spin his fluff into beautiful yarn with a spirited twirl!

TripletMom on ravelry

Sarah Helene said...

Bah, bah, white sheep
Have you any wool?

Yes, sir, yes sir,
Pastels--80 yards full!

Bah, bah, white sheep
Have you any wool?

Reenie's hand-spun,
GLITZY, my what FUN! ! !

DebsCrafts said...

Is it ok that it has nothing to do with yarn or crafting? Here's my spring poem:

Spring has sprung,
And I'm a sneezing.
I really hate
The allergy season

Digital Misfit said...

The sky pours forth its rain
(and these arent the plains of Spain)
The roads are filled with holes
and the nights are still quite cold.
I have yet to see any clover.
The dog tracks mud all over.
And yet I stand and sing
for these are the signs of SPRING!

superwoman_4002 said...

Is spring here?
its hard to tell this time of year.
The temperature rises and falls with no rhyme or reason,
And yet spring is still my favorite season!
The birds come back and the flowers bloom,
the sunshine erases the sense of pending doom!
Even the rain doesn't seem quite so bad,
atleast its not snowing, now that would make me sad!
so horray for spring!!! Its here to stay!
that makes March 20th my favorite day!! :D

That's all i've got! haha... hope you like it!! :D

Jen said...

I can't eat Easter candy for it makes me fat,
And I miss the taste from when I bit it...

But Reenie's yarn will make a nice Easter hat,
And I hope I will get to knit it!

Bethany said...

This yarn kicks ass
With or without the Easter grass

:) The kids have fried my brain. Love the yarn though

RLRussell2003 said...

I love you, Reenie
Oh yes I do!
I love your crazy yarn
& promise to be true.
Perhaps I'll knit something funny,
Like a vest for a bunny
That he'll sport in the Spring
Hunting for eggs as he sings.

k8 said...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I love handspun yarn,
And I know you do too!

(Lame, but I'm still fighting the cold I've had all week and kinda goofy.)

Dehbi said...

Your spun treasures are awesome
I hope that I win some!

I can't think of a thing
I'd rather have happen this Spring

Dealonnia said...

Spring is in the air...and my checkbook isn't VERY chose my name or number for a chance at a little yarn fair.

Miss Emily said...

Socks — that perennial piece of clothing
Tall ones, short ones, thick and thin ones.
Cotton, acrylic, polyester and cashmere.
Strips, polka dots, plain and argyle —
So many types, so many styles
But so few feet and so little time to wear them