Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chill Week~

It's been a pretty chill week here in the Material Whirled. I spent Mon. spinning, Tues. updating the site, yesterday dibbling around in circles, cleaning and painting.

Here is a partial page from my journal...

What else?
I cut the collar off my purple sweater-- gave the girls a heart attack but its all good.
It was waayyy too wide at the neck so I am picking up and knitting the small shawl collar, rather than the x-large. Should make it about 8 inches tighter around. We shall see.... I really need to take pictures of it. sigh.

I am also hemming my old living room curtains for my bedroom here. Never did get curtains up in the bedroom, it's only been over a year and a half! OH I bought jeans today-- a size smaller than I thought I needed!-- WOOT. There is a sunshiney moment.

So that is it for my rambling day.
I leave you with some yarn pictures and some fabric designs I find inspiring. No idea where they are from, I randomly save images from the web.

Band Geek
Quantum Path

Fabric Inspiration
Fabric Inspiration
Off to finish dinner!

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Anonymous said...

those are cool i love the band geek one~! your sooo talented~!