Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yesterday was spent wrastling with my light tent and photographing a pile of spectacular new skeins from Arabella, Therese of Jump Sheep and some new Reenie skeins!

Here is some eye candy~
Grab them while you can!

Some yarns seem to design themselves and this is one that definitely did!
It gives me chills really. I have piles and bins of doodads and beads and such that inspire me. Sometimes I have an idea of a theme or plan, and I knew this skein was to be a Dark Princess or Witch themed yarn. The orangey/blue novelty ply found me first, at a craft thrift shop in Portland. It paired perfectly with my Donna batt. Next came the skulls....... then the feathers and then voila! The hippie-crone earrings....
As I spun the base I could see her personality develop, a strong, magical lady.
She would make an amazing scarf or cowl. (at least that's what she told me).

Evergreen Frost
Eve wanted to create a few batts for me to spin so I let her just go with it. She is my earthy girl. This is a literal interpretation of her creation. The browns and greens represent an evergreen tree and the iridescent glitz (a choice that would never have occurred to me!) represents the frost. In honor of the stately trees that surround our home.
Will make a great snuggly and warm hat or scarf.

This batt was designed and carded by Ann. She seemed drawn to the colors and at first I thought the skein may take an oceany/sea inspired directon, but as I plied it I kept thinking of the three small novelty skeins from France I had set aside to design a yarn around. Not a color pairing I would usually make, but it works, nevertheless!
Very Paris/chic.
This skein will make an amazing scarf or cowl, the novelty strands are balanced throughout.

This batt was designed by Eve (my earthy girl) in her favorite colors. They are really very autumnal, but will work any time of the year. Will make a beautiful scarf or cowl. The name?
Inspired by a character in her latest book obsession....Leven Thumps

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