Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Unflattering Studio Shots

My favorite days are my studio days.
They are jammie days, low maintenance, stretchy pants, hair in pookie-clip (a name I gave my hair clip- it reminds me of those pookie-the-pekinese dog ponytails)... no makeup, sports bra.
You know what I mean.... not the days you want your picture taken.

So when I uploaded the camera to my computer I realized my charming and hilarious husband had been shooting pics of myself and Jackie while we were working and gabbing away.

I was not going to share them, but I just looked through them again and it cracked me up.
Who cares? This is it-- true grit reality here in the Material Whirled.
Me in all of my pookie-clip glory.

Notice the "rainbow wall of fiber" behind me and the coffee carafe on the table? I seem to be cutting paper for something...